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How to Use India Phone Numbers to Receive SMS Online?

If you need to receive SMS sent to India numbers, for SMS verification purposes or others, Receive-SMS.CC provides a completely free 24-hour service! You just need to visit Receive-SMS.CC, choose a India phone number, and then use it to input the app you need to receive SMS from. Seconds later, the message will appear on our website, so the steps are:

  • Visit Receive-SMS.CC on your mobile device, phone, tablet or laptop
  • Go to the India phone numbers page, choose the India numbers section
  • Select the India number you want to use
  • Input this number into the app asking you for a number
  • Refresh the page waiting for your SMS to arrive

Using India phone numbers to receive SMS online is just that simple, fast and easy!

Is Using India Phone Numbers to Receive SMS Online Free?

The service provided by Receive-SMS.CC is not only simple and convenient, but also completely free to use - you don't have to pay any fees! You just need to visit our website, go to the India phone numbers page and choose the number you want to use - then you can start receiving SMS! No need to do anything else, no registration required, no payment needed.

Why Choose Phone Numbers From Specific Countries?

This is a question that confuses many people, so let us explain it to you. There are some services and apps on the internet that only allow people located in certain countries or regions to register and use their services, such as US Netflix, US Amazon, US ebay, UK Deliveroo, France LeBonCoin, Russia Yandex, Russia VK, China QQ, China Wechat, China Taobao, China Weibo, Korea Line, Korea Kakao Talk, Ukraine Viber, Japan Naver Line, Vietnam Zalo, etc. If you want to register or use these services or apps, you should try using phone numbers located in those countries/regions for registration. So in this case, you need a local phone number to get access. After that, you will receive a one-time password or verification code for registering an account to use the service.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving SMS Online?

Online SMS receiving services don't require a physical SIM card, you can receive SMS online by visiting our website. Very useful for situations without a SIM card. Online SMS receiving services provide virtual phone numbers from many countries, which makes it convenient to receive verification SMS from other countries and regions. Using virtual phone numbers to receive SMS can avoid leaking your private mobile number, protecting your personal privacy and data security. If you use your own personal number, it means your activities can be easily tracked and it's very likely to be sold to third parties who may bombard you with calls and messages about products and services you're not interested in. In summary, online SMS receiving can provide you safe and free SMS verification services.

How Frequently Are New India Phone Numbers Added?

Due to high demand for online SMS verification, we try to add new India phone numbers every week. Whenever you use India phone numbers to receive SMS online, there will be a new number available for you to use. Of course you can also donate to us, to allow us to purchase more India phone numbers for everyone to use.