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Free Send Text Message service, send SMS to mobile phones online without registration

Send SMS to mobile phones for free online without registration

1. Visit the page

2. Select a country from the dropdown list.

3. Enter the recipient's number.

4. Enter the SMS you want to send.

5. To view replies, click Replies. Note this is a shared number so multiple people may reply.

How to use our online SMS sending service?

How to send text message?

  • Go to
  • Enter phone number of the recipient you want to send text/sms to.
  • Type in text/sms message that you want to send.
  • To Receive reply, please type in your email address.
  • Press "Send Free Text Messages to Cell Phones Now!".
  • repeat the process if you want to send more text/sms.

Is it secure to Text Free?

As long as you don't harm anyone sending threatening texts it's all secure. But understand this, If someone responds to your message, it will go to a public reply box which would be visible to everyone. Please use caution when communicating sensitive messages over the TEXT.

SMS messaging is one of the most effective ways to communicate. People have their cell phones with them 70% of the day and mobile phones are significant part of modern life. There are certain situations in life where you can't and would not like to use your own number to send out text and that's when Receive Sms Online Send SMS feature is useful. Sometimes it might be because of privacy issue and other times it's just because you don't have any other options to connect to your loved ones. Sending SMS is easy now!

How many Text/SMS can I send?

We encourage users to send only text messages that are essential. If the system is abused we'll have to put in measures to protect other people from receiving unwanted spam texts. We try our best to provide service to as many users as possible. If we detect any spammy behaviour we'll block the user from the site.Currently, we have no restrictions.

Can I send using browser?

Absolutely! Our platform is browser based, so you don't have to download any app or register yourself tosend text.

How is this service Free?

We rely on ads to provide this service free of cost to our users. Please consider disabling adblock and not abusing the system :). We trust you, that is why we are providing this service for free.

How long does it take for the text to be delivered?

We use industry's most reliable technology partner to send your SMS. All the SMS are delivered immediately and there is 99.99% delivery rate for all the SMSs that goes our from our system.

Most of the online services that you get "FREE" SMS are not very reliable and they make your wait for a minute or 2 before the text is sent. Our service sends text immediately. We understand the value of time and we want our users to have wonderful experience.

Can I see the responses?

Definitely. After successfully sending a text message, you will get a link, visit this link address, you will see the response. This number is being used by multiple people. Make sure you scan through all the received SMSs. For privacy, we hide last 4 digits of incoming number. Identify your response by looking at first 6 digits.

Is my SMS visible to other people?

No, your SMS is not visible to anyone other then the Recipient you sent the text. The SMS message is however stored in our server for audit purpose. Before using the service be adviced that the messages are stored in our server, but they are only visible to authorized party.

What is Anonymous Text?

Sending text without reveling your private number is anonymous text. Visiting a dating site and don't want to give out your real number while texting? You can use our SMS sending service for free.