Partner with Receive-SMS.CC and Become Our Supplier!

How to Become Our Supplier?

Becoming our supplier means you will join a team dedicated to providing high-quality and convenient services, helping users receive SMS through virtual numbers to meet their communication needs globally. If you want to become our supplier, please contact us by email in the following format:

  • Supported countries: e.g. United States, Canada, India, Japan, etc.
  • API endpoint: or support webhook.
  • Number price: $1 per number per month
  • Number validity: one month or long-term valid.

Organize the above information into an email with the subject "Receive-SMS Supplier" and send it to [email protected]

We will reply within 5 working days after receiving the email. Please note that emails in incorrect format will not receive a reply.

By partnering with us, your service will reach a wider audience, increasing brand awareness and market influence, becoming one of our key partners in global communication services. By working with us, you will earn steady income based on the quantity and quality of virtual numbers provided. Our team will work closely with you, providing necessary technical support to ensure smooth operation. As our user base grows, you will have the opportunity to expand your business and explore new growth opportunities. We look forward to partnering with suppliers capable of providing high-quality virtual number services, together providing more convenient and efficient communication solutions for users.